Why It's Time to Prioritize Your Website

Why It’s Time to Prioritize Your Website

It’s 2017 and you can’t put your company website (or lack thereof) on the back burner any longer! If your business doesn’t currently have a well-managed, mobile optimized website, you are already lightyears behind the competition. Chron states it best: “These days, almost any small business should have a website. With costs being extremely low at the entry level, it’s becoming difficult to imagine a reason for any company of any size not to have a website. Many user-friendly, free and open-source content-management systems are available to assist with Web design, so it is even possible to build a basic small business website without a professional Web designer.” No matter how small your business, in today’s competitive business climate, there are no excuses for not having a fully functional website.

Why It's Time to Prioritize Your Website

Your company might be experiencing success in the construction and remodeling industry, but you are missing out on a whole new world of prospects if you haven’t explored your opportunities on the web. Some experts even argue that in certain cases, a well-constructed website could serve you better than a brick and mortar location. The time to prioritize your businesses website is now. Keep reading for tips about assessing the needs of your current website and how your company can reap the benefits of a strong web presence.

Signs Your Current Website is Suffering

Many busy business owners outsource their website development and maintenance and sometimes don’t know if their website is performing well or suffering. Remodelers Advantage, a support organization for remodeling business owners, offers 5 tell-tale signs of websites that are not in good hands:

  1. You’re missing the basics: phone number, address, general company information, multiple ways to contact you, and analytics.
  2. Your website content is scraped: in other words, much of your website content is copied from somewhere else. Why is this a problem? When potential customers search for you, your website won’t rank well in search engines due to the duplicated material.
  3. Your website has been hacked.
  4. You don’t actually own your website: you could be denied access to your website if you and your web developer split ties in the future.
  5. Your website isn’t mobile friendly: did you know 60% of online traffic comes from mobile access? Leading us to our next point…

Mobile Optimized Websites Matter

Having a mobile-friendly website didn’t use to be a factor that would make or break a website’s success, but as of April 21, 2015, Google began using mobile usability as a ranking factor in mobile search results. According to Remodeler’s Advantage, “The search engine predicted this change would have a significant impact on search results—giving mobile ranking priority to those sites that pass it’s mobile-friendly test.” Curious if your company’s website is mobile friendly? Google’s Mobile Friendly Test at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ will analyze your website URL and tell you if the webpage has a mobile-friendly design. Check out Google’s Webmaster Central Blog for more information about the importance of mobile-friendly websites and how to improve your website’s design for maximum efficiency.

Why It's Time to Prioritize Your Website

Wide Reach and Visibility

Chron states, “The Web has a far wider reach than any other form of advertising. While it takes time to build up enough traffic to your website to make a worthwhile impact on your company’s marketing campaign, it costs next to nothing to do so.” Your company’s website is often the single best resource for inexpensive advertising. On the other hand, a print campaign, such as postcards or flyers, can only reach a small number of potential customers (and the paper and postage will cost you a lot more!).

Website Leads Convert to Sales

Don’t think that just because you don’t sell products online that your website can’t make you money. One of the most lucrative aspects of your website is leads. Your website leads can be converted directly into sales. Remodelers Advantage recommends 3 key skills for handling website leads to ensure maximum results:

  • Speed – You or your team’s ability to respond in a prompt manner is imperative when handling leads and could potentially have the biggest impact on the success of the lead. Make sure that someone is available at all times to respond to inquiries, even if that response is simply acknowledging that the inquiry was received and will be handled promptly.
  • Skills – When following up on a website lead, getting an appointment set up with the potential client is a skill in and of itself. Be sure all your team members are well versed and skilled in conducting these types of tasks. Hint: a script for setting appointments can come in handy!
  • Persistence – According to Remodelers Advantage, “Stats show that it often takes multiple (upwards to 5) attempts to make contact with these leads. The average company only makes 1.5 attempts. Additionally, even if you do make contact, many of these leads don’t convert immediately to appointments or sales.” Don’t let these contacts fall by the wayside. Time, patience, and repeated contact may just be what to takes to get them on board.

The importance of having a website, and a well-functioning one at that, cannot be overstated. Take the steps to assess your businesses website for areas of needed improvement. Before you know it, your website will be a vital part of the success of your business that you won’t be able to believe you ever lived without.



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