Why It’s Never Too Late to Remodel

Why It’s Never Too Late to Remodel

Tell us the truth, in school you were the person who waited until the night before to start your term papers, weren’t you? And at work, even when you were told months in advance that you were moving offices, you still waited until the last minute to sort and pack up your files, didn’t you? We’re all guilty of a little procrastination now and again. And now that you own your home, have you been putting off your remodel? We thought so. If you’re considering moving and think that you’ve missed your chance to to make some interiors updates, here are 3 reasons why it’s never too late to remodel.

1.) Any expert will tell you that a major selling point for any home on the market is having recent interiors updates. Let’s start with the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances or stone / granite countertops are a huge plus for any listed home. If you have the money, do both! Could your food preparation area use a little more room? Adding a larger island could be the solution.

And what about the bathroom? Arguably the most visited room in the home, an updated bathroom will make any potential buyer feel like they’re getting a better deal. Take the time to do some further research about the other household updates that home buyers desire in a new purchase. Whether it’s adding or replacing attic insulation, updating windows to brighten a room, or installing new hardwood flooring – keep in mind that Modern Builders Supply and MBS Interiors are always here to help.

2.) In many instances, an interior remodel is much less costly than moving into a larger home. If the reason you are considering buying another house is that you’re unhappy with a few aspects of your current one, it’s still not too late to remodel! It will make your life much easier if you can pin-point your dissatisfaction with your home into a concise list. If your list includes external factors like inadequate schooling for your children, or unfriendly neighbors, then it may be time to move. But if you’re noticing that your list is full of internal issues like “not enough storage” or “kitchen feels too cramped” then replacing your kitchen cabinets or opening up the wall between your kitchen and dining room may be enough to keep you happy with your current residence. And if you do feel yourself being more cost conscious, remember that the right updates will also increase the value of your home, with the possibility of earning back all of your investment when it’s time to sell.

3.) It’s no secret that the housing marketing isn’t 100% back to where it used to be. If you decide to list your house, it may be on the market for awhile. The remodeling and/or quick updates that you’re doing for potential buyers, will also improve the quality of your life while you continue to live there. Who knows, by the time you’re done remodeling a few of the rooms in your house, you may find that you don’t want to leave after all.

As always, our MBS Interiors design team is happy to discuss with you ALL of the benefits of remodeling during your scheduled one-on-one consultation or your walk-in showroom visit. But in the mean time, we hope that these three reasons why it’s never too late to remodel have opened your eyes to the other options you have besides moving. Because moving is a hassle and – let’s be honest – you would probably wait until the last minute to pack anyhow.


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