What Will Kitchens Be Like in 10 Years?

In the year 2026, daily life will be even more advanced than it is today. What will kitchens be like? Take a look into the future with us as we explore possibilities for kitchens yet to come!


Modern kitchens are already smart, but in 10 years kitchens are going to be more high-performing than ever. Touch screen displays with superior intelligence will become commonplace on all appliances from dishwashers to refrigerators.  GE Appliances‘ industrial designers are predicting a smart faucet that gives you a choice of filtered, ice, or carbonated water and an in-sink dishwasher that allows you wash a small load of dishes in just minutes, in addition to advanced produce washing features.


“Going Green” helps to save the environment and your money. The responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint becomes more important with each passing year. In 2026, homeowners will likely utilize many green elements in their kitchens from low-flow faucets and smaller appliances to advanced waste disposal that promotes recycling. Kitchens of the future will focus on conscious and convenient sustainability.

Clean and Contemporary Design

Minimalist design with consistent modern lines will be part of the clean and crisp kitchens of the future. Smart storage and unobtrusive appliances will blend seamlessly with countertops and cabinetry. According to Fox News, “The element most subject to change is the traditional cabinetry. The kitchen of the future will be concealed behind flat doors. The wall of doors will integrate the kitchen into the room as a backdrop instead of a focal point. With the push of a button, magically the doors open; the kitchen along with the stove and sink become accessible. The drawers and cabinets will silently open and close with a control or electromagnetic touch sensors.”

Growing environmental concerns and technological advancements mean that kitchens are constantly evolving. Consumer Affairs states, “Connectedness is key in the kitchens of the future. Whether you’re looking to reduce food waste, cook to address your personal health profile, or stay better connected to the origins of your food, smart appliances will be at your service.” At MBS Interiors, we look forward to seeing and sharing with you the improvements and advances that are in store!

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