What Kitchen Layout is Right for You?

What Kitchen Layout is Right for You?

Many elements require consideration when determining the right layout for your kitchen. Houzz states, “Kitchens provide storage for your food and cookware, give you room for prep and cleanup, and of course also provide a place where you can cook and bake. When it’s thoughtfully arranged, these functions operate logically, making working in your kitchen a better experience.” Choosing the right kitchen layout can make a huge impact on the efficiency and style of your home. Consider the following popular kitchen layouts for your remodel or new build.

4 Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

One Wall

While this layout is typically designed for smaller spaces, as you can see in the example below, a one wall kitchen isn’t just for tiny apartments! The range or sink is typically located in the center with (limited) counter space on both sides. What this layout doesn’t offer in space, it more than makes up for in efficiency and style.

What Kitchen Layout is Right for You?


Bigger is not always better! Galley kitchens are a wonderful example of how compact kitchens can take productivity to the max. This Old House states, “For maximum efficiency when short on space, this layout excels. Its two parallel counters make all points of the work triangle equally accessible. Important things to keep in mind during the design of your galley kitchen are: aisle space, light, and storage.”

What Kitchen Layout is Right for You?


HGTV states, “A smart design for small and medium-sized kitchens, the versatile L-shaped kitchen consists of countertops on two adjoining walls that are perpendicular, forming an L.” L-shaped kitchens are very versatile and this flexible layout is great for both cooking and entertaining. Without an island, this arrangement remains breezy with plenty of space for movement. The addition of an island creates more room for food prep and dining at the counter.

What Kitchen Layout is Right for You?


Whether mid-sized, or expansive with a large island, U-shaped kitchens come in all sizes. U-shaped kitchens are perhaps the most functional kitchen layout as they are often home to the work triangle, a connection of the three main work areas in the kitchen; the range, sink and refrigerator. We love U-shaped kitchens because not only do they meet the functional standards of the work triangle, when an island is incorporated the chef also has work stations for prep and cooking. If yours is a two-cook kitchen, this option would work well.

What Kitchen Layout is Right for You?

Alternative Layouts

There are of course many different types of kitchen designs that don’t fit the label of the aforementioned layouts. Older or unique homes often come with measurements that don’t fit industry standards. This is where semi-custom and custom cabinetry comes in. Some of the most popular features of semi-custom cabinetry are modified widths, heights, and depths that make them a great option for unique spaces. True to the name, custom cabinets can be built in any shape, size, and with the measurements necessary to fit the unique layout of your kitchen.

Are you ready to begin layout planning for your new kitchen or remodel? Request a Design Consultation with a Kitchen and Bath Designer today. Our talented designers can help you determine which layout is perfect for your kitchen!

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