Trend Alert: Florals

Trend Alert: Florals

Florals are returning to home design in big and small ways. From the kitchen and bathroom to laundry room and beyond, there are plenty of approaches to incorporating petal prints and accessories throughout your home. But, we aren’t talking fussy and faded flowers of Grandma’s day. Join us as we explore the new florals, one of the biggest design trends of 2018!

One of our favorite ways to display florals is in eye catching and colorful wallpaper. We understand that it takes a daring individual to embrace such a bold statement in an expansive space like the kitchen. Yet we couldn’t possibly love this floral kitchen from Better Homes & Gardens more! Simple streamlined lower cabinets and a kelly green butcher block island with plenty of storage keep this traditional – with a twining twist – kitchen, functional while the wallpaper and open shelving add happy color through decorative whimsy.

Trend Alert: FloralsImage Source: Better Homes & Gardens

The dining room is another great space to utilize the floral trend. One way to keep wall to wall coverings from looking overwhelming is to incorporate wainscoting to help gives the eyes a rest. As with this lovely space from Decor Pad, traditional white wainscoting breaks up the sight line so you aren’t completely overcome by boldly patterned wallpaper. It’s all about balance. Clear acrylic dining chairs, a simple white dining table, and polished mid-toned hardwood floors keep things breezy and clean, and don’t compete for attention, allowing the floral walls to remain the focus.

Trend Alert: FloralsImage Source: Decor Pad

We would be remiss not to mention the simple and cost efficient addition of actual florals! There’s nothing like the real thing, but if you aren’t into the idea of watering flowers, there are plenty of other options if you want to add a fresh touch to your interiors. Artificial flowers and preserved botanicals have come a long way, leaving their dusty predecessors, well, in the dust! Make a long lasting investment with faux flowers and plants that will stay beautiful all year long!

Trend Alert: FloralsImage Source: Home Bunch

Floral patterns aren’t just for your walls; they also make a stunning yet subtle statement in flooring tile. We love a penny tile floor with carefully placed tiles of a different color resulting in a flower pattern throughout. Patterned tile flooring is perfect for a bathroom, laundry room, or even mudroom. It’s hard working, fun, and aesthetically pleasing.

Trend Alert: FloralsImage Source: Studio McGee

Functional design elements in the shape of flowers is another fun way to incorporate the floral trend in your home decor. This pink and green girls’ bathroom features pink flower shaped vanity mirrors with a brass edge. Against the wallpaper of greenery, this floral touch is right at home.

Trend Alert: FloralsImage Source: Decor Pad

Whether you want to completely infuse your home with floral patterns and designs, or simply make a few small changes to bring some life to your interior, this year consider freshening up your home with florals!

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