The Eat-In Kitchen: 2016’s Biggest Trend

The eat-in kitchen is a fixture of the modern home. From cozy cottages to massive mansions, homeowners are making space in their kitchens to dine. This Old House states, “Dinnertime can be exhausting when you’re shuttling food, dishes, and drinks between the kitchen and dining area. Eat-in spaces can help you and your family keep it together (in more ways than one), corralling prep, service, and cleanup chores in one room. The busy lifestyle of today’s homeowner is more in line with this casual dining style anyway—not only does it make meal prep easier, it creates a central place for family to gather.” There is no doubt that the simplicity and functionality of eat-in kitchens bring families together.

What was once a debate of eat-in kitchen or dining room is no longer a relevant matter, because many homeowners have both! Many modern homes possess a space to eat in the kitchen, whether at an island or a kitchen table, in addition to a separate dining room for more formal meals. There are many wonderful variations of the popular eat-in kitchen. Check out some MBS Interiors favorites!

Kitchen Table Island Hybrid

According to Houzz, “kitchen islands are starting to look an awful lot like kitchen tables. Sure, furniture-style legs and other details have been around for ages in kitchen island design, but this trend is taking the table idea a bit further, with more and more wood tops, little or no storage underneath, and seating on at least two sides.” Kitchen table islands perpetuate the functionality that has become so popular (and necessary) in modern kitchens. Families are able to use this centralized multifunctional space for work, storage, dining, and entertainment.

Island and Dining Table

Open concept layouts are perfect for the island and dining table combination. Here, the kitchen blends seamlessly with the dining area, allowing the space to serve multiple functions for small and large gatherings.

Island with Bar Stool Seating

Perhaps the most common form of eat-in kitchen is simply an island with space for ample seating. This multipurpose elevated bar island doubles as a stovetop workspace and dining area. The riser distinguishes the elevated portion of the countertop as a space for dining and the lower portion of the countertop surrounding the stove as an area for cooking and food preparation.

Kitchen Banquette

A kitchen banquette or breakfast nook is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Kitchen banquettes come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and styles. According to Houzz, “Banquette seating in a kitchen saves space, brings pattern and color to the room through upholstery and creates a cozy spot for meals.” Consider adding a cozy corner like this to your kitchen.

Consult with one of our talented designers about designing an eat-in kitchen that is perfect for your home!

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