Selecting the Right Contractor – Part I

Selecting the Right Contractor – Part I

So, let’s say after reading a few of our blogs you’re ready to start the remodeling process. You know you want an MBS Interiors designer to layout the plan for your room, but you’re not sure who you want doing the actual installation. All of our designers have a list of preferred contractors that are qualified to complete the installation. Feel free to choose from this list, or select your own. If you do decide to select your own, here are four tips on how to make sure you’re getting the right contractor for your project.

Tip # 1: Obtain Multiple Quotes

Getting a minimum of three quotes from three different contractors is a good idea for anyone who is unsure about how much their project should cost. Each quote could be drastically different, as some will be based on the time it will take to complete, while others may be on a material basis. A detailed bid will include a construction schedule and payment plan.You may receive a higher quote for your remodel project from a contractor who rarely does kitchen and bath remodeling, than you would from a contractor who specializes in only kitchens and bathrooms. Which brings us to our next tip.

Tip # 2: Determine Their Specialty

Some contractors specialize in certain areas of construction. If you can find a contractor that strictly deals with Interior remodeling projects, then GREAT! The amount of time they’ve been in the industry and their comfort level with the material / process may result in a better quote for your project. Along with determining their specialty, you might also feel more comfortable once you’ve asked them how many projects they’re currently working on. If their answer is 0, that might be a red flag. If they answer 15, this might be an indication that they’re stretched too thinly to be completely focused on your remodel.

Tip # 3: Check Their References

The goal is to have something to go on besides just the contractor’s word. With a minimum of three references, you’ll be able to see whether past customers were satisfied with their work, as well as whether the job was done cleanly and timely. Hopefully from these references, you will learn the contractor’s basic work habits and whether or not you would feel comfortable with him or her being in charge of your remodel. One of the good things about choosing a contractor recommended by MBS Interiors, is that they come with a long list of past project references – some of which you can view on our Houzz profile.

Tip # 4: Know Their Process

It will be beneficial for you to know whether the contractor will be doing all of the work themselves, or if they will be sub-contracting the project out to other companies for additional help. Knowing who will actually be doing the labor may help make your decision easier. Part of knowing their process also includes knowing whether they have contract or general liability insurance.

Hopefully after following these four tips, you’ve selected the best possible contractor for your remodeling project. Or, perhaps you and your spouse think that remodeling by yourselves on the weekends, and after work on the weekdays is the way to go. While the Do-It-Yourself option may seem appealing at first, it could quickly become inconvenient for both of you if you run into any difficulty. Stay tuned for Part II of this blog post called “You did WHAT?!” where we’ll share with you some of the do-it-yourself disasters that homeowners have encountered from doing home renovation projects by themselves. If you have do-it-yourself disasters of your own, feel free to share with us at

As always, our MBS designers are here to help in any way that we can. And whether you choose one of our MBS preferred contractors or find your own qualified contractor using these four tips – you’ll thank us in the end.

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