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Quick Care Tips for your Appliances

Caring for your appliances is no easy feat. When you stop to think about just how many appliances you have, it can be overwhelming! Oven and stove top, range hood, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, not to mention the small appliances. Keeping your appliances clean inside and out and in proper working condition can feel like a full time job. Check out our Quick Care Tips for your Appliances and get well on your way to having clean and fully functioning appliances.

Read the instructions

We cannot stress enough how important it is to read the instructions that come with your appliances. Sure our tips are a good place to start, but the specific care instructions for your appliances can vary greatly depending on the make, model, and appliance manufacturer. It can be hard to keep up with the ever changing models and features, so never discard those little sheets of paper that can be worth your weight in gold. Sure it can be tedious, but it is well worth your time to read through the entire manual.

Use the appropriate products

You may be just one product away from a major disaster. Yes it sounds a bit dramatic but you might be surprised how much damage you can do to your appliances by using the wrong products and formulations. Many times, specific products and brands are recommended because the formulation works best with the appliance and will ensure a longer and better functioning life of the appliance. You’ll want to know ahead of time if purchasing the generic detergent or cleaner is a non-issue or a major no-no.

Beware of hazardous buildup

Build up can come in many forms; ice in a freezer, lint in a dryer lint trap or hose, the opportunities for substances to build up and wreak havoc on your appliances are endless. These issues build slowly and quietly over time, until you are forced to face broken appliances, or even worse – a potential fire. How do you prevent such treacherous situations? Your dryer for example will probably start dropping hints when it’s being neglected and clogging up with lint. If your clothing is taking longer and longer to dry and the exterior of the dryer keeps getting increasingly hot, be cautious! Make sure the lint trap is cleaned after every use and that the dryer vent is cleared of lint regularly. Smell something burning? Turn off the dryer and seek assistance from a professional immediately! Lint buildup is extremely flammable and could be a sign that your clogged vents are in need of repair. On the less dangerous end of the spectrum is freezer ice build up. Not particularly hazardous but certainly annoying. Defrost your freezer when the ice becomes thicker than a quarter inch to ensure maximum efficiency.

Keep your appliances in a dry space

One of the most important things you can do to ensure the longevity and safety of your appliances is to keep them in a dry space. Moisture and humidity can cause many issues with your appliances including short-circuited wiring. Have a drip pan under your dishwasher or washing machine? Be sure to keep it clean and empty any leaked moisture from the pan as soon as possible.

Purchasing brand new appliances can be quite the investment, but they are well worth the expense when properly cared for. Enjoy the ease that comes with new and efficient appliances, but don’t forget to keep those operating manuals!

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