Homeview Cabinetry
Homeview Cabinetry

About HomeView Cabinetry

Full Access Cabinetry
Beautiful. Functional. Easy to Install.

HomeView cabinets are frameless, with full access and full overlay styling. Panels and rail components are joined with engineered dowels, glue, screws or a combination of those components appropriate to the typical use of the cabinet. Appropriate cabinets have 6-way adjustable, soft close hinges and 5/8” melamine laminate box construction. All frameless case construction is made from commercial grade furniture board with laminated, water resistant surfaces. All cabinets are fully assembled and easy to install.

HomeView Cabinetry is proud to be KCMA certified for durability. The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) rigorous, in-laboratory compliance program has measured the integrity of our cabinets through five tests covering cabinet structure, door and drawer operation and the cabinetry finish. Trust our cabinets because we trust KCMA, the organization that has set the standard for cabinets since 1965. Our KCMA ESP (Environmental Stewardship Program) certification reflects our continued commitment to preservation and conservation.

We are committed to environmentally responsible processes that endeavor to preserve the future of our world. HomeView cabinetry is no exception – manufactured in the US with integrity and craftsmanship.

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