Our Top Tips For Surviving the Journey In Between the Before and After

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a good before and after photo?

It is gratifying to view photographs of months, or gasp! years’ worth of progress in seconds without having to experience the trials and tribulations of remodeling. Photos make everything look so easy. When you see astonishing before and after photos of a creaky old farmhouse kitchen turned into a cottage retreat, you think, “Well that looks easy and cheap! We could do that to our house!” Well, let’s face it – interior design is a process that encompasses a great deal of work and collaboration.

There will be designers and contractors to meet with, and not only will materials be traveling in and out of your home, so will some perfect strangers! Dirt, noise, and disorganization all while you are likely trying to live there. While the perfect “After” is the ultimate goal, homeowners who take on a comprehensive remodeling project will discover that the journey in between the “Before” and “After” will be a trip full of surprises. Unexpected bumps along the remodeling road can leave the homeowners stressed and exhausted, even when the desired result is attained.

Remodeling can proceed without a hitch, or it can disintegrate into a plethora of disasters! Horrible remodeling stories abound, leaving countless victims to ask, “Why me?” Defend yourself against undesirable issues with careful pre-planning.  So you may be asking yourself, what can I do to ensure that my remodel avoids turning into a horror story that has left some homeowners jaded and disillusioned?

Remodeling Punch List

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Check out the following helpful tips below to further prepare yourself for the little surprises that no one tells you!

Stay Organized

Keep a binder with your design ideas, paperwork, sales receipts, and order forms, warranty registrations, and invoices. If something arrives damaged, you will want quick access to the sales receipt to expedite a return or exchange.

Keep the Important Things in Reach

We can take for granted that our everyday items will always be within reach. You are in the bathroom, the extra toilet paper is packed away in a box two rooms away, and your contractor is in between-talk about a pickle! During a remodel, there are certain luxuries that a homeowner is aware they will have to do without. However, some needs are non-negotiable: like coffee! Put a station together in an untouched area of your home with your coffee pot, coffee filters, and disposable coffee cups so you are less likely to find yourself stressed and exhausted during this time period. Put together a transportable caddy with your toothbrush, toothpaste, and personal hygiene items. You may find yourself dumping old coffee down the bathtub drain, and at other times brushing your teeth at the kitchen sink!

Prepare Your Pets

Many animals are stressed by loud noises and a steady parade of strangers through their home. If your pet requires calming medication during thunderstorms and fireworks, consider medicating them when nail guns are popping and doors are slamming. If their usual eating spot is not available, pick a place away from the hubbub and feed them there consistently and at the regular time for the duration of the remodel. When large items are being carried in and out of the house, cats or dogs may try to escape. Have a secure place for them during these times. Make sure kitty can get to her litter box. She may be frightened to travel through the house to get to the usual location. Spend a little extra time with your pets to help calm them (and it will help calm you, too!)

Less Stress

Even though you may find yourself consumed with everything that is going on in your home, take time to do things that you enjoy. Spend time in the garden, meet a friend for coffee, and enjoy a quiet dinner out. Although your fingers may end up coated in plaster dust, take the time to treat yourself to a manicure.


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