How to Make the Most of the Winter Business Season

How to Make the Most of the Winter Business Season

Traditionally, winter can be a slow season in the construction industry, due to harsh weather conditions. Creating an adaptable business strategy will help you to take advantage of these slower than usual months and allow you to get a head start for the upcoming busy season. Consider our tips for How to Make the Most of the Winter Business Season. 

How to Make the Most of the Winter Business Season

Connect with Existing Customers

Take advantage of this season when you can connect with your existing customers and give them the attention they deserve all year round (but you don’t always have the time to give). Check in with your customers and ask how your past work is holding up and whether they need any additional work done. Leverage your newfound availability and really take the time to discuss any potential projects.

Take Advantage of Indoor Projects

If you offer them, now is the time to focus on remodeling services and line up work for indoor projects. Prepare for the upcoming season by advertising your remodeling services to inform people who might not know the full scope of your services. Showcasing your work in a parade of homes is an excellent way to get people through the door, but don’t be afraid to hold a stand-alone open house if you missed your local home builders association’s tour of homes.

Focus on Business Objectives

When you’re busy on the jobsite, you typically aren’t back at the office, staying on top of paperwork, budgets, goal setting, and ordering materials. Construct Connect suggests, “When the weather gets cooler, get behind that desk and take care of things that will help to keep your business moving forward.” Analyze last year’s data, create next year’s budget, set new revenue goals, order materials for the coming year, and analyze your marketing efforts.

Take Some Time Off

Contractors, builders, and remodelers who are in business for themselves, are at high risk for burnout. Long days, backlogged projects, and simply having too much on your plate for too long can lead to this form of work related exhaustion. It is essentially a physical and mental collapse caused by being overworked for an extended period of time. The thought of taking time off may sound impossible, but it can also be the best thing for you – and your business. Giving yourself the time to step away and recharge will increase your energy and motivation for when you return. As long as the top priority jobs are in the hands of your trusted team while you take a much needed break, you should rest easy and try to enjoy yourself.

The slower winter season offers the opportunity to recharge and refresh. It can be difficult to take a step back from your business at any time of the year, but it’s important to take care of your own health first and foremost, so you are energized and ready when the busy season arrives.

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