Kitchen Lighting 101

At MBS Interiors, we constantly stress the importance of choosing the right cabinetry, appliances, countertops…you name it! However, there is one often-overlooked element to your kitchen that can make the biggest impact of all…the lighting!

Better Homes and Gardens explains the importance of kitchen lighting. “The kitchen is at the center of many home activities, so it deserves a smart lighting plan that addresses the room’s various roles. Good overall lighting ensures the kitchen is a welcoming place for family and friends to gather, but you’ll also want efficient light aimed at kitchen work areas.”

It makes perfect sense that the space you cook, eat, work, and often occupy deserves a thoughtful lighting plan. The best part? Great kitchen lighting doesn’t have to come at an extreme cost. You can create a stunning array of lights under any budget. Keep reading for MBS Interior’s overview of kitchen lighting options and how you can incorporate them in your home!

Ambient Lighting


Ambient lighting encompasses the general lighting in your space. The American Lighting Association lists chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, recessed or track lights as the most common forms of ambient lighting. Many kitchens display a combination of ambient lights, creating an overall illumination that generously lights the space while upholding a soft and unobtrusive glow.

Task Lighting


Under Cabinet Lighting 

Light up those dim shadows and dark corners! Task lighting provides the perfect illumination while you prep food at your countertops. Under cabinet lighting is a popular type of task light that doubles as accent lighting, providing a subtle glow that expertly emphasizes your backsplash and countertops. This double duty lighting is a must have in any kitchen!

Accent Lighting


Toe Kick Lighting



 Inner Cabinet Lighting

Ready to pump up the drama? Accent lighting is the go-to pick for featuring any noteworthy characteristic of your kitchen. Popular spots for kitchen accent lighting include under cabinet, above cabinet, inner cabinet, under countertop, and toe kick lighting. What better way to highlight the best and brightest parts of your space than with this type of exceptional lighting?

Layered Lighting


The most important rule in creating a cohesive and effective lighting plan for your kitchen? Using an assortment of lighting types that complement each other and your space! Layering task, accent, and ambient lighting will create a beautiful effect that not only highlights the more noteworthy parts of your kitchen, it will also provide you with all the light you need for superior functionality.

Tired of your dim and drab kitchen lighting? Request a Design Consultation today and talk to one of our experienced designers about how your space can be transformed!

*Images featured in this blog provided by the MBS Interiors Findlay Showroom

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