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How to Move Beyond a Botched Remodel

A botched remodel can discourage even the most resilient homeowners. The damage, whether committed by a less than experienced contractor, or a far too confident DIYer, can feel irreversible. Fear not, where there’s a botched remodel, there is a way to move on. Check out our tips for correcting your space and getting the results you desire.

Stop and take a breath

Whether the damage was caused by you, a contractor, or both – stop while you can! If plans are going awry, put down the tools and step away. It is likely that things will just keep getting worse. Take a breath and allow yourself time to think and process the situation. Even the most simple errors, like being unsure about how your paint is turning out, might stop you in your tracks. Don’t wait till you’ve painted the entire room to decide you hate it. Step back and give yourself time to process and decide whether to continue.

Assess the damage

“Botched” is a relative term. To some homeowners, the term botched could mean that the paint on the wall looks completely different from their sample, and it is not at all what they intended. To others, botched could mean a gutted, unusable, and most importantly, an unlivable space. Either way, the first step for unhappy homeowners who are less than thrilled about their remodel results is to assess the damage. Try to classify what needs immediate attention and what can wait. Is it annoying that your woodwork doesn’t look pure white (like you wanted) and instead is off white? Yes. Does it need to be fixed right now when your remaining funds are likely precious, and there are other things to deal with first? No. It isn’t fun to put certain parts of your remodel on the backburner while you put out another fire (metaphorically speaking). But it is necessary to rank the remaining tasks at hand on a first priority basis.

Contact the professionals

So you’ve decided what “fixes” are serious and need immediate attention and which can wait. It is time to call in the professionals to wrap up this job. Was your botched remodel self inflicted? It might be time to take off your DIY cap. There is no shame in not being able to complete a remodel all by yourself. Professionals are given that name for a reason. They’ve been trained and may have had many years of experience. However, if you are dealing with a not-so-professional who got you into this sticky situation, get a second opinion before moving forward. In the end, it is your money, your home, and you have the right to ask questions.

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