How to Make a Design Resolution – and Stick To It!

How to Make a Design Resolution – and Stick To It!

Here it is, the last week of December and you still don’t have a New Years resolution. Sound familiar? You could always recycle your resolution to lose weight that didn’t quite work out last year, but you want to see results this time! Instead, resolve to improve the value of your home with a few quick interior updates, or perhaps an entire room remodel. Certainly planning your dream kitchen or dream bathroom sounds better than going on a diet (for the 4th year in a row). Just follow these three easy tips when planning your resolution and you’ll be guaranteed to start the new year off right!

1.) Remember that over-ambitious resolutions will seem too tough to tackle and may never get accomplished. Some people have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew. And if remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and basement all at once feels like a big bite – that’s because it probably is. If these are your long-term goals, then GREAT! MBS Interiors has the staff and resources to help you accomplish them. But if you’re looking for a Design Resolution that’s a little more manageable, scale it back a little. Concentrating on one room at a time will feel less daunting, and you’ll be more likely to accomplish it. An over-ambitious goal may also make a noticeable dent in your wallet. Read our blog about Setting a Flexible Budget to learn how to avoid making too large of an investment all at once. If you find there isn’t as much room in your finances (especially after the holidays) as you’d like before starting a remodeling project, simply updating flooring or replacing cabinetry hardware are examples of quick updates that won’t be over-ambitious while still adding value to your home.

2.) Set a realistic time frame for yourself. Remember last year when you vowed to lose 20 pounds by February 1st and when you didn’t see results you got discouraged? Maybe the problem wasn’t that the goal was unrealistic… maybe the time frame just needed to be adjusted. “Lose 20 pounds by the end of April” may have been a goal that you would have stuck with. Interior design is similar. Many people believe that because their favorite home makeover show did a complete room transformation in under 30 minutes that they can too. But what they don’t see, is that behind the scenes there are measurements taken ahead of time. Cabinets and appliances are usually ordered weeks in advance, and multiple planning sessions take place to make sure that the “big reveal” happens as quickly as possible. (Check back soon for an entire blog post devoted to busting home makeover show myths).

Realistically you shouldn’t expect to have a completely remodeled kitchen within minutes of making your first appointment with MBS Interiors. The goal is attainability – and while MBS Interiors can certainly make your kitchen and bathroom remodeling dreams a reality, we can’t make them happen overnight. What we can do, is make sure that we establish a timeframe that works best for you and your vision. After all, we want to make sure that YOUR “big reveal” is one that will drop just as many jaws as those home makeover shows.

3.) Stay on Track. While staying on track is certainly good advice for any New Years resolution, it’s especially true for designing. Remember when your diet got off track with too many desserts in mid-January? Don’t let that happen to your kitchen remodel! Our MBS Interiors process is designed to keep the project on track until your dream room is complete. Your MBS designer will follow up on orders, talk with the contractor, visit the job site, and keep you in the loop when situations arise. Our design staff will be with you every step of the way, and staying on track means working towards a design resolution that everyone will be proud of. So while we’re taking care of the remodeling details, you can concentrate on more important details – like dessert.

Are you ready to turn your resolution into a reality? Request an MBS design consultation or stop into one of our 25 Midwest locations.

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