Our Favorite Integrated Appliances

Our Favorite Integrated Appliances

Integrated appliances are one of the latest trends taking over kitchen design. Also known as hidden appliances, these are appliances with cabinet panel overlays that are placed overtop the appliance so that the covered appliance is flush with the surrounding cabinetry. And we aren’t talking the dated wood panel refrigerator facades from 20 years ago. The kitchen has evolved over the years, now functioning as more of a living area than ever before. It’s no wonder homeowners are embracing the idea of keeping their appliances under wrap so the kitchen flows better with the rest of the home. Consider Our Favorite Integrated Appliances and get inspired for your kitchen remodel!

Bright White Built-In Refrigerator

Integrated refrigerators give that sleek custom built-in we love! This French door refrigerator with a pull out freezer is tucked in so beautifully that at first glance you might wonder where the refrigerator is. Integrating your refrigerator will provide a seamless and timeless appeal to your kitchen.

Our Favorite Integrated Appliances

Image Source: This Old House

Blue Appliance Garage

This baking station is expertly hidden behind an appliance garage. The appliance garage offers convenience with tools and baking supplies within reach that can be easily tucked away when they are not in use. Dated accordion style appliance garages have been replaced by appliance garages with pocket doors or standard doors with a side or top hinge. If you plan on incorporating an appliance garage in your kitchen, don’t forget to include the most important part – electrical outlets!

Our Favorite Integrated Appliances

Image Source: Traditional Home

Mini Fridge & Drawers

We love the idea of integrated mini fridge & drawers. Whether this spot is serving as a bakers station or wet bar, the paneled fronts allow it to blend seamlessly within the home. If you’re adding a wet bar to your family room or basement, consider using integrated appliances that flow well with the room – it will take the coziness up a level!

Our Favorite Integrated Appliances

Image Source: Decor Pad

Shaker Paneled Dishwasher

Panel ready dishwashers are made especially for seamless integration in the kitchen. These dishwashers feature controls on the top of the door so they won’t be covered by the panel, but will be out of sight when the door is closed. Integrated dishwashers blend so well with cabinetry that you literally can’t tell there’s an appliance hiding behind the panel. This gives homeowners an opportunity to showcase more color and cabinetry, and less stainless steel (if that’s your thing).

Our Favorite Integrated Appliances

Image Source: Remodelista

Integrated appliances are perfect for open concept homes, so you don’t have the refrigerator or dishwasher taking up precious visual real estate that could instead be focused on beautiful cabinetry. Even if you don’t have an open concept layout, some people just prefer to disguise the functional parts of their kitchen for something more aesthetically pleasing. Appliances have come a long way and are more stylish now than ever, but sometimes you just can’t beat the appeal of cabinetry.

Do any of these integrated appliances have you feeling inspired for your kitchen remodel? Request a Design Consultation with MBS Interiors today and speak one-on-one with one of our expert Kitchen & Bath designers about how you can incorporate hidden appliances in your kitchen and home!

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