Clawfoot Tubs: Friend or Foe?

Clawfoot Tubs: Friend or Foe?

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Clawfoot tubs are making a comeback. These vintage freestanding tubs are aesthetically beautiful, but for all their charm, many wonder whether clawfoot tubs are impractical. We explored some of the pros and potential pitfalls for your consideration before you take the plunge!


Pro: Luxurious

Perhaps their vintage appeal and luxurious beauty are biggest enticements of clawfoot tubs! Clawfoot tubs add a level of elegance and charm to a bathroom unmet by alcove bathtubs. For some homeowners, the ability to take a relaxing luxurious bath at the end of the day is of the utmost importance. These are the homeowners who might prioritize a freestanding clawfoot tub in a new build or bathroom remodel.

Con: Water Damage

One of the biggest drawbacks of a clawfoot tub, or any freestanding tub for that matter, is spillage. We’ve all seen great flood disasters depicted on television and in movies. Unfortunately, it can happen! Being that freestanding tubs don’t meet up with a wall, water can easily spill over the edge of the tub and cause water damage on the floor and, if on a second floor, the ceiling below. Trying to avoid splashes of water is a major concern when bathing little ones!

Pro: Deep Soaking Tub

Alcove bathtub and shower units are extremely practical and budget friendly, however they also have a tendency to be small and shallow. Clawfoot tubs are large, deep, and offer plenty of room for a long soaking bath. Freestanding tubs comes in a large variety of material and color options, allowing homeowners to opt for a vintage look or something more sleek and modern.

Con: Size

Not to contradict ourselves, but the ample size of clawfoot tubs can also be a drawback. While they offer more floor space because they are propped up off the ground, the majority of freestanding bathtubs are large in size and require a lot of space to properly fit in a bathroom, not to mention more water to fill them. If you’re already battling for space and have to make room for your clawfoot tub and/or bathtub/shower combo, you may be in for even more complications.

Sure there may be a handful of legitimate cons, but for some people who have the needed space and for whom financial concerns are not an issue, a classic clawfoot tub may be well worth the high maintenance.

No matter what type of tub appeals to you, if you’re ready to start making your bathroom dreams happen, Request a Design Consultation from MBS Interiors today!

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