Chic Concealed Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

Chic Concealed Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

Kitchen design is moving toward increased integration of functional elements like appliances. Commonly integrated appliances include dishwashers and refrigerators, plus the installation of appliances garages for the purpose of concealing countertop appliances such as toasters and stand mixers. You can read more about appliance integration here. And, while the aforementioned appliances are the most common to conceal, range hoods are getting in on the disappearing act.

Houzz states, “Large stainless steel range hoods have been all the rage in kitchens in recent years, but we are now seeing a move toward concealed hoods. This goes hand in hand with our increasing desire for streamlined kitchens of any style. Range hoods, which extract grease and cooking odors from the air, are useful and sometimes required by building codes. But just because you want or need one doesn’t mean that it has to be on display.”

Traditional White Concealed Range Hood

This hidden range hood is a perfect example demonstrating that concealed range hoods aren’t just for contemporary kitchens. This range hood is completely contained within a wall mounted cabinet. With the range hood tucked inside the cabinet, this allows for an uninterrupted line of stunning white cabinetry.

Chic Concealed Range Hoods for Your KitchenImage Source: Decor Pad

Glossy Taupe Cabinet Range Hood

Less is more! This kitchen with lacquered taupe cabinets is all about minimalism. No hardware, smooth glossy surfaces, and a solid marble slab backsplash are just a few of the elements that make this contemporary kitchen streamlined. From head on it’s impossible to tell that a range hood is artfully concealed beneath the cabinets above the range.

Chic Concealed Range Hoods for Your KitchenImage Source: Decor Pad

Subway Tile Range Hood

A white subway tile backsplash is a classic choice for any kitchen. We love this unique, expertly disguised range hood covered in subway tile. By covering the full surface of the range hood with tiles and grout just like that of the backsplash, it allows the range hood to blend into the background. This is a totally creative and distinctive solution for concealing the range hood.

Chic Concealed Range Hoods for Your KitchenImage Source: Family Handyman

Cool Gray Concealed Range Hood

This concealed range hood may not be flush with the surrounding cabinets, but it’s still expertly integrated within this kitchen. For the homeowner who wants to showcase their range hood without it drawing too much attention, consider covering it with matching cabinet panels. The staggered length of the bottom of the cabinets creates visual interest.

Chic Concealed Range Hoods for Your KitchenImage Source: Elle Decor

If you desire a streamlined kitchen with smooth lines, consider integrating a concealed range hood into your space. Request a Design Consultation with MBS Interiors today and speak one-on-one with one of our Kitchen & Bath designers about how you can refresh and update your kitchen this year!

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