How to Boost Brand Awareness

How to Boost Brand Awareness

Increasing your level of brand awareness in the community takes time, effort and planning. When successfully done, the result of your increased brand awareness will help your company to forge trusting – and lasting – relationships with current and potential customers who are willing to pay for your services because they recognize the value of your brand. Consider our tips for How to Boost Brand Awareness.

How to Boost Brand Awareness

Identify What You Want to Be Known For

Determining your unique selling proposition, or what sets you apart from the competition, will help to define your brand in the eyes of consumers. Ron Roberts of Construction Pros explains in their guide to Managing Your Construction Business Brand which factors to consider when determining what you want your brand to stand for. 

So what reputation should you hope to find? What should you hope your brand stands for?

  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Fair
  • Well managed
  • Good quality
  • Good value

Note that I didn’t list low price. You really don’t want the reputation for being the low price provider as that reputation inevitably leads to low margins. You want to be selected for the reasons listed above. The last one, good value, covers the price angle. You want to work with people who understand value. You don’t want to work with people who only understand price.

Manage Your Reputation 

Building your reputation as a company is no easy feat. It can take years of concentrated effort and superior service to build a positive reputation among customers. On the other hand, your reputation can be tarnished with just a few mistakes in no time at all. Keeping up your reputation is made even more difficult by the fact that a significant portion of managing your company’s reputation now takes place online. There are hundreds of websites where consumers go to leave their feedback about your company. Good, bad, or ugly, these reviews shouldn’t be ignored. If you haven’t already started, this is the year to get proactive about managing your online reviews. According to a 2018 study (launched in partnership with Ipsos MORI), “97 percent [of respondents] said online reputation management is important to their business. The same was true of online reviews (98 percent) and social presence (92 percent).” 

Update Your Website and Social Media

No matter how much success your company is experiencing in the construction and remodeling industry, if you haven’t explored opportunities on the web, you’re missing out on a whole new world of prospects. Use technology to your advantage! There are dozens of user friendly platforms for building websites, such as Wix and Squarespace. Or you may opt to invest in the services of a developer to build your website. In addition to your website, social media plays a big role in brand awareness. Set up profiles on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Building your following will take time, so start by focusing on posting quality information to your profile. Talk about your company, the services you provide, and show off your team! People love photos so make it a point to post pictures of your work on a weekly basis. Utilize social media as a platform to advertise deals and specials you have going on. 

When working on boosting your company’s brand awareness, it will take time to see the impact of your marketing efforts. Be patient while staying focused and consistent. Over time you will begin to see the results of your brand awareness strategy.

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