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Going Green to Clean

Going Green to Clean So you just had your kitchen and or bath remodeled. How do you keep it looking like new? Or how do you make your older cabinets and appliances look like new again? Whether your kitchen is new or well lived in, we have some cleaning tips that are good for you,…
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haunted house

Halloween, Hauntings and The Real Estate Market?

Halloween, Hauntings and The Real Estate Market? It’s Halloween! Time for trick-or-treating, costumes, parties, haunted houses, decorations and if you are like me, getting your car egged by neighborhood punks (I know who you are!). People love Halloween, in fact, they go nuts for it. According to the National Retail Federation, American’s are projected to…
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When Good Construction Goes Bad

Halloween is fast approaching. It’s that time of the year when ghosts and ghouls roam the land making things go “bump” in the night. Sure, there are lots of things to be scared of on All Hallows Eve: witches, vampires and, the things of nightmares, the Horror of horrors, botched remodeling jobs. MBS Interiors presents:…
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What Wood Grain Says About Your Cabinets

What Wood Grain Says About Your Cabinets By a show of hands, how many of you know exactly which species of wood you’d like for your new cabinets? Anyone? No one? Okay if you didn’t raise your hand, don’t panic – you’re in the majority. With so many different wood grains available for you to…
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