Successful homeowner

5 Things That Really Great Homeowners Do

Becoming a successful homeowner is both a privilege and a great responsibility. The job is never really done as maintaining a home could be considered a job in and of itself. Maintaining your home can feel overwhelming so we have taken out the guess work and compiled a list of 5 tips that will get you on your way to becoming a smart, savvy, and cost-saving homeowner!

1. Have an emergency fund for repairs and incidentals

It only takes a homeowner getting burned once or twice to know how imperative an emergency fund is. An unexpected polar vortex can increase your heating bill to be hundreds of dollars more than expected. Not to mention a broken furnace, water heater, and oh it’s time for a new roof already? Repairs can range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in an instant. One minute you’re on top, and the next you’re in the hole.

2. Save on energy costs

Give the thermostat – and your utility bills, a break. Energy saving tactics can differ in the summer and fall but a few tips remain the same all year round. Stay on top of your energy costs by making sure to unplug all electronics that are not in use, utilize your energy corporations pricing plan options, and seal your windows.

3. Clean regularly

You might be surprised how much easier it is to keep your house clean when you stick to a schedule. Assign a few tasks for every day of the week that won’t take longer than 30 minutes to complete. Reserve more thorough tasks for weekly and monthly cleanings. If you stick to an easy to follow schedule your home will be in tip-top shape and presentable at all times.

4. Check for leaks

This tip is especially important upon moving into a new home; check your plumbing for leaks or constant running. A small leak or minor plumbing problem could turn into a serious issue in no time. Resolve leaks or call a plumber immediately. Otherwise your bathtub might end up in your kitchen.

5. Clean your gutters

Cleaning your gutters is a dreaded but necessary task. According to Bob Villa, “Tedious though this task is, homeowners are wise not to neglect it: Properly functioning gutters, after all, help ensure that storm water does not find its way inside.” Depending on where you live, you may need to clean your gutters anywhere between twice a year and every couple years. Take the time to thoroughly remove built up dirt and debris and save yourself the consequences of gummed up gutters.

Keeping your home organized, tidy, and well-kept can seem like quite a chore. Don’t forget to reap the benefits of homeowning and get to know your neighbors! A friendly neighborhood can be one of the best parts of owning a home!


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