5 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Weekend

5 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Weekend

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Fall is the perfect time to wrap up home improvement projects that won’t take more than a weekend to complete. With cooler temperatures setting in, consider tackling one of these relatively simple home improvement projects this weekend!

1. Update hardware

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry is in need of a slight refresher, consider updating the hardware. A quick and inexpensive update, new hardware will make a world of difference to the aesthetic of your kitchen. This beautiful white kitchen is a perfect example of a space where hardware makes a statement. The sizable cup pulls mixed with cabinet knobs perfectly complement the cabinetry style and kitchen size.
5 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Weekend

2. Paint

Repainting a room is a project you can easily complete in one weekend. You might think you can cover more ground than just one room in the timespan of a weekend, but when you take the time to prep properly by covering hardware and floors, filling holes, and sanding any rough surfaces, it’s best to plan for just one room at a time. After you have edged carefully and rolled the walls with paint, take your time when painting the trim. Your attention to detail will show!

3. Reorganize

No matter what room, one of our favorite weekend projects is upgrading storage and organization! From the kitchen pantry to bedroom closets and beyond, there are countless spaces in your home that would benefit from purging and organization. With so many adorable and affordable storage solutions available (Hello Container Store!) you can seriously transform even the most mundane spaces into a sight to behold.

5 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Weekend

4. Care for your Lawn

Fall is the best time to complete many lawn care maintenance tasks. Better Homes & Gardens recommends homeowners “take advantage of cool fall weather to fertilize, control weeds, and improve the health and appearance of your yard.” If you have any dead spots or thin patches in your lawn, this is the perfect time to reseed and spot treat, giving the seed plenty of time to get established. Grass loves cools temps and sunny days.

5. Deep Clean Your Home

You probably do a thorough house cleaning in the spring, but once a year just won’t cut it. Don’t wait for spring to get your home squeaky clean. Take advantage of the cooler (but not yet frigid) temperatures and prepare for winter with this comprehensive Fall Cleaning Checklist from Real Simple. Use this opportunity to open up your windows and get a fall breeze going while you scrub away the dirt that settled in over the summer months while the kids were home from school.

5 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Fall into good habits this autumn and start the season fresh with a sparkling clean household. When winter comes you’ll be glad you got all the hard work out of the way so you can focus on decorating for the holidays or just getting cozy with a pumpkin spice latte and your current read!

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