5 Decor Trends that are Officially Over

5 Decor Trends that are Officially Over

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Every year we excitedly anticipate which home design and decor trends are going to be big. But, before we can think about what’s new on the scene, we have to talk about what’s going, going, gone! Consider our list of 5 Decor Trends that are Officially Over.

Faux Marble Accents

Don’t get us wrong, the Greeks and Romans weren’t wrong – marble is a classic – an ageless stone that will never go out of style. While they may be high maintenance, marble countertops are breathtakingly beautiful. And, we love the idea of select marble finishes throughout the home, whether it be marble drink coasters or a marble utensil holder. That being said, marble finishes have gotten so popular over the last few years that imitation marble has reached maximum exposure. Faux marble end tables, lamps, phone covers, notepads . . .  you name it! When it comes to marble, there ain’t nothin’ like the real thing!

5 Decor Trends that are Officially Over

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Rose Gold

We had a sneaking suspicion rose gold wouldn’t be around long. Rose gold came on the home decor scene fast and furious, quickly becoming an instant obsession! We can understand where the rose gold love came from, this warm pink hued metal was a welcome respite from typical options of silver and gold. But, like a trend passing in the night, in recent months the want for rose gold has started to recede. Rose gold is still out in the market and on your favorite tech gadgets, but don’t expect to see this metal featured on any mainstream appliances.

5 Decor Trends that are Officially Over
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Millennial Pink

Step aside Millennial Pink, there is no room for Barbie’s Dream House in 2018. We love a warm touch of pink here or there, in wallpaper, a throw pillow, or beautiful art. But like most annual color trends, before you even get the chance to introduce the latest bold shade to your home, there’s a new one popping up on the Pantone horizon. Our research tells us that more sophisticated soft lilacs are replacing Millennial Pink this year.  

5 Decor Trends that are Officially Over

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Whitewashed Everything

Coastal and farmhouse style homes are big right now and we don’t see them going out of style anytime soon. That being said, it is possible to take this shabby chic style a little too far. Faux vintage can be easily overdone and homes stacked to the rafters with rustic whitewashed and distressed surfaces are officially out. Instead, opt for a balanced modern farmhouse look with a light touch of rural route that blends with more transitional materials.

5 Decor Trends that are Officially Over

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Tropical Palm Prints

Leaf and palm prints, a vintage resurrection, have been big on the fashion and home decor scene for a couple years. 2017 was the year for “greenery” and even Midwesterners found need for a tropical touch here and there. However, the popularity tide of exotic summery prints is receding and being replaced by vintage florals. Time to put away your banana and palm print pillows until your next luau and bring back those classic floral motifs.

5 Decor Trends that are Officially Over

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Our advice? Freshen up your home this spring by replacing outdated decor with soft neutral color palettes, transitional accents, and fresh flowers. With these classic elements you can’t go wrong!


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