What to do while waiting for your remodel to be finished

4 Things to Do While Waiting for Your Remodel to Be Finished

The final stretch of the remodeling race can be the toughest. Just when you thought the brunt of the work was finished, you come upon the hardest part of all . . . waiting. Keep reading for constructive tips on what to do with your time while waiting for your remodel to be finished.

1. Prepare for Finishing Touches

While you’re playing the waiting game, utilize this time to purchase your textiles, linens, wallpaper, decor, and any other outstanding items necessary for you to call your remodel complete. While you might need to live in your new space for a while before you know exactly how you want to decorate it, this is the perfect time to pick up some fabric swatches and start playing around with various color palettes. Be sure to bring the swatches home and hold them up against your walls during various times of the day to see how the colors appear in various lighting.

2. Stock Up On Cleaning Supplies

Get a step ahead of your fellow remodeling homeowners and be ready for a deep house cleaning! No matter how prepared the crew working on your home is to protect other parts of your house from the dust and debris that results from remodeling, your house is going to be filthy. Yes even that far away upstairs bedroom, distant from the remodel, will have a layer of dust. HOT TIP: Don’t let dust and dirt accumulate and block airflow to your heating and cooling systems. Replace your HVAC filter regularly during your remodel and after the project is complete. And keep in mind that your soon to be finished space with new countertops might have special cleaning and care instructions. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog that addresses tips for cleaning and taking the best care of different countertop surfaces.

3. Plan a Remodel Reveal

Reward your family and friends that have suffered right along with you during the arduous months of remodel trials and tribulations. They listened and commiserated with you while you agonized over every minute detail and decision. And when plans went awry, they were the first ones you called. Treat your support system by hosting a remodel reveal party. They will enjoy spending a fun evening in the finished space that they heard so much about during the remodel phase!

4. Relax!

Sometimes the hardest part of a comprehensive remodeling project is having the ability to see when your part is done, and that you need to step back and let the professionals finish the job. Look at the bright side; this is the part where you get to relax! Give the crew a break and step out of your dusty (albeit almost complete) home. Take this opportunity to go see a movie, get your nails done, go on a bike ride, or take a walk in the park. The options are endless. Buy yourself some ice cream and give yourself a pat on the back. You survived a remodel! And, that is worth celebrating.


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