3 Reasons Why You Can’t Remodel on Your Own

DIY is the big thing right now. DIY Mason jar organizer? Sounds cute! DIY knit scarf? Sure! DIY . . . renovation? Whoa there, hold your horses! DIY is a scary concept when it comes to remodeling of any kind. Many projects out there that can easily be “done yourself,” but that doesn’t include remodeling, at least the complicated aspects of remodeling! Keep reading for our top “3 Reasons Why You Can’t Remodel on Your Own.”

1. Risk

Renovations can be dangerous. From nail guns to sledgehammers, the tools are tough, and the job is even more intense. Removing and installing heavy materials and appliances and knocking down walls (not to mention the surprises that await behind those walls) are jobs better left to professionals. Living in a construction site is tough enough, add doing the work you are not trained to deal with, and it usually turns out to be more than most people can handle.

2. Time and Effort

The typical human being is not equipped to handle a complicated renovation all while juggling a full time job and/or kids and family. That’s a lot of stress! Unless you have superpowers (like the ability to go without sleep) it is not likely you will be able to handle the work/family/remodel balance. Even with a professional in tow, you will almost undoubtedly end up devoting a great deal of your personal time to wrapping up your renovation. Save yourself the time, effort, and headache, and lets the professional do the grunt work.

3. Decision making expertise

Most homeowners don’t have the expertise or experience to make all their remodeling decisions on their own without the advice of a professional. A designer or contractor will have industry know how and potentially years of experience. While we recommend seeking professional help for your remodel, we also encourage all homeowners to be actively involved in the buying process. Be sure to review all final choices on materials before signing off.

Our final advice is to save DIY for another day, or another project. If you want to reduce costs or get your hands dirty during the renovation process, there will be plenty of opportunities during your remodel to paint or work on other tasks with little to no risk. So, step back and let the professionals handle it. You won’t regret it!


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