3 Finishing Touches That Bring Your Project Together

Your remodel is finished! You Consulted With a Designer, Selected the Right Contractor,  Survived the Journey In Between the Before and After. You are practically a pro by now! You entered into this project on a wing and a prayer, and the new kitchen and bathroom were designed to your exact specifications. Special care was taken with every detail, and your contractor and designer worked together like a true team to create your vision. The contractors and designers have said their farewells and you are ready to settle down and really live in your new space.

And yet . . . something is off. You can’t quite put your finger on it. You wrack your brain for weeks before realizing what the problem is! Your home has an identity crisis! Your brand new kitchen and bath are upstaging the rest of your home. You find yourself reassuring your living room on a daily basis that it’s not that you love your kitchen more, it’s just new and exciting. But, you want your entire home to fit your vision. Ideas start creeping in and you find yourself sidling up the paint chips at the hardware store and leafing through home design magazines at the grocery store. So what do you do? We have three finishing touches that will help bring your new redo together with the rest of your home.


1. Purge!

That’s right folks, throw it away! Get rid of old junk! Use the “have I worn this in the last year?” rule for closet cleaning on your entire home. Do you often find yourself coming upon old knick-knacks and saying “I forgot about this!”? That is usually a good indicator that it could be gotten rid of, you clearly won’t miss it! Not all your trinkets are going to fit well in your gleaming new space.

Plus, doesn’t it feel good to organize? You may find that you enjoy displaying items that make you feel amazing, and nothing more. If you aren’t ready to conduct a thorough clean out, think about carefully packing away memorabilia and odds and ends and placing them in storage. Then perhaps in a year you can revisit those items and better determine if you missed them while they were “away.”


2. Pick a Style (or a Couple of Cohesive Styles) and Stick to It!

Your Cape Cod style home was built in the 1940’s, and your main goal throughout your remodel was to update, while honoring the original charm of your cottage-inspired home. The kitchen and bath now have that perfect mix of cottage/Cape Cod/1940’s/present day/fresh style you wanted. Phew! That was a lot to accomplish! However, every time you step in your living room, you feel like you’ve taken a step into the past. It feels like you haven’t changed a thing. Well, that’s because when it comes to your living room and your office and your bedrooms . . . you didn’t. Your home has suddenly plunged into a full-blown identity crisis! Quick, go back to your newly remodeled kitchen so you can catch your breath! Feeling better now?

Let’s analyze the problem. Your living room is cottage, a little antique . . . a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll. How do you bring everything together? Start with a fresh coat of paint! Something fresh and neutral like a warm gray will add an updated touch but still correspond well with the original style of the home. Warm gray is equal opportunity paint. It doesn’t discriminate; Traditional, Transitional, Rustic, Contemporary, you name it – it looks great! Look up – is the ceiling dingy? Fresh paint overhead will quickly banish the dinghies. And, don’t forget to touch up that woodwork! Nothing says fresh like clean, white woodwork.


3. Treat Yourself

At this stage in the game, we realize you probably aren’t bathing in money. And even if you could, we don’t recommend that you do. There are a couple big impact items you can purchase that are very inexpensive. A new chair, a floor rug, some potted greenery and a lamp or two are all great items that will bring – ahem – new light to your space and tie your look together. Not to mention, great lighting can give any space a facelift in seconds. Look for these items at a discount retailer and you could end up with designer furnishings for half the price.


Keep Your Eye on the Prize

While shopping for these important additions to your home, focus on the vision you are trying to achieve. If you are channeling decades past but don’t want your space to feel like a time warp, try to find the sweet spot between old and new. Find a juncture between your remodeled kitchen and bath and your other rooms that are full of . . . we will call it character, and voila! Crisis averted!



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